BluePhone Mining and Staking on the GO! 1st true passive income mobile

Imagine your mobile phone pays itself while mining or staking coins. Communication becomes basically free as you provide a payment infrastructure and on top you can sell wifi access to others in your surrounding and become part of a Decentral Meshed Network.

Power by BitcoinSubsidum and TELOS you can also Stake PIVX and BIRAKE Coin on the go.
The device will be powered by our own AEROS Distribution which is a hybrid of Linux and AROS (which again is a open source reimplementation of the classic Amiga OS.. you know these old school computer which ran only with 7MHZ and 1MB RAM)..

Become part of our journey to kick some established asses and define how our world should look like. Free communication for everyone. Access to the Internet and heck.. we can build our own Internet ! It is up to you..

If you need TELOS just checkout Birake DEX to trade some BTC against it

Bluebox - Masternodes and Mining with from Pascal Papa on Vimeo.