BluePhone Mining and Staking on the GO! 1st true passive income mobile

Q: Why this phone ?
A: We are annoyed of the behaviour by Google and Apple who prevent running mining on your own device officially. Mainstream users don't want to Jailbreak or rely on shady unsigned apps to mine unofficial.. And because we just can as we have an ARM based OS which can be easily adapted work on mobiles

Q: Where is the difference to the final product?
A: The DEV-Edition is a common base to work on for enhancing the user-experience before we release 3 phones where one is planed to be available fore free one is based on the DEV-Edition and finally one High class phone putting others to shame.

Q: Is there a connection to
A: Yes, The Bluephone is a Bluebox on the go basically.

Q: Who are partners?
A: Bluephone is part of the Transcendence Community which includes TELOS coin and BitcoinSubsidium (XBTX). The Bluephones will be merged into the same Mining-Pool as the Blueboxes to mine XBTX

Q: Besides Mining.. do you plane other things for the phone which makes them outstanding ?
A: Yes, we will build our own Meshed-Network and users will be able to offer their Mobile net to the surrounding for a small fee.

Q: OK I am interested but how to get TELOS ?
A: Just use Birake DEX to trade grandpa coins like BTC to TELOS